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Create Your Own Custom Active Directory Membership Provider

Here's how to create your own custom Active Directory Membership provider. While the out-of-the-box Microsoft Active Directory provider works fine, the following provider logic provides somewhat of a blank slate to work with.

I recently worked on a project that required all sorts of Active Directory, SQL Server, and other custom provider logic. We basically started with what is below, and then filled in the some of the areas with custom logic. If you're going to use the following as-is, you may as well just use the out-of-the-box Active Directory membership. Use the following as a start.

1. Create some basic utility methods. These aren't really required, but may help with issue diagnostics. 2. Create the custom Active Directory Provider. As I said before, fill with custom logic. This is a starting point. 3. Add your configuration logic to the web.config. That's it!