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VeevaVault - .NET Integration Guide (Introduction)

This is essentially a tutorial on how to build a .NET REST Client.

I recently found myself utilizing the VeevaVault API for a project I was working on. I had never heard of VeevaVault, but one my co-workers told me they are "huge in Australia." I'm not going to say that isn't true, but as far as working with the API and .NET integration with their API -- I found no help on Google. The only result I got was some guy's resume, which had no relation to what I was looking for anyway.

Basically, VeevaVault is a document/content management system very similar to SharePoint. Chances are, if you found this post, you probably know that already.

I will be authoring a series a posts related to integrating your .NET application with the VeevaVault API. In the meantime, checkout the official API Developers Guide Here:

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